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Uaeshelving is a Professionally managed storage system and storage solutions company operating under Al Ramaqiyah General Trading LLC since 1995 in UAE.

We have undertaken major shelving projects all over the Middle east and Africa.

Whether implementing full warehouse storage and racking systems or a small scale shelving project, we ensure that the project is designed to suit your requirements.

Our top quality shelving selection is the most complete and varied, and when combined with a friendly customer service staff and extensive distribution network, we are paralleled by no other metal storage company.

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Featured Product - Mobile Shelving

A Modern shelving system designed for working environments such as offices, filing rooms, libraries and warehouses have an increasing number of specific requirements. Today the increased cost of managing storage space means that important logistical requirements must be faced to improve economy and efficiency.

A typical bank of mobile office shelving units offer close to 50% reduction of floor space or a 50% to 100% increase in storage space compared to traditional filing cabinets. The ability to concertina individual units until touching means space is only required between units when they are being accessed by users. Applications with a greater number of simultaneous users may require more access spaces (aisles), thus not approaching this 50% target so closely.

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